"I'm passionate about working with other devoted professionals in helping to exploit your business ideas to their fullest potential, particularly when it comes to how you can handle how to get and retain customers most efficiently and how to eliminate waste of time and money!

To your success,

Henrik Rudberg

PS. A few things to know me better as a person:
I believe in that all people are talented in some way or other and that you're best off if you concentrate on what you know and have most fun doing. I have noticed how hard it some times can be to know what you're good at and really enjoy doing (since all tasks often are confused with "musts" at hand making people take them on even though the task may not be necessary or the person may not be the right one neither from a personal fulfillment, nor from an efficiency viewpoint). I enjoy trying to pin-point these things as quickly as possible by providing a different perspective by the help of my experience of having peeled all business tasks off until I was down to a lean, automated business machine with all processes in place.

I love my kids and animals.

I care for and am interested in our environment and I really enjoy dancing, hiking, sailing, skiing and hunting. Dancing Salsa and sailing likely should come first there 🙂. In sports, I have been active in the Pirates Floorball Club including as its President, but now mainly drive kids around to their various sports activities. I very much enjoy working with others in associations, particularly ones with an international touch like ESTIEM alumni and the couchsurfing project. Through People to People International I had the privilege to be the responsible for finding suitable efficient aide-worthy organizations for the surplus of one of its chapters, where I found Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) whose work also lies close to my heart and that I would encourage also other people to have in mind."


About Henrik Rudberg

Entrepreneur and Marketeer

Henrik Rudberg has many years of experience in the telecommunications and software industries from hardware and software suppliers as well as from operator ventures. Furthermore, he has both the experience from big Fortune 500 companies (Cisco Systems, Inc.) and the experience from smaller startups. When it comes to startups, he has both been intimately involved with the Venture Capital funding (from 3i, Argnor and Ledstiernan for Hotsip AB, acquired by Oracle, Inc.) and from non-VC-funded ventures such as the VoIP Service Provider Cellip AB that he founded as well as from Marketing Automation company Cnvert.

The first four years he became intimately knowledgeable of the technical architecture of Service Provider networks by working for Cisco Systems, incidentally as their first ever European trainee. After that, he has held direct Marketing and Sales as well as Managerial positions including as the CEO of Cellip, Sonician and Cnvert.

Sales and Internet Marketing Experience:

First and foremost, Henrik Rudberg is passionate about efficient entrepreneurship and in particular the automation of the sales process creating such demand that customers will come or call for a product or service rather than the seller having to chase customers around. Henrik has sold both million dollar items as well as monthly subscriptions in the few dollars a piece-range, and has learnt how mass-volume marketing also can be used to reach shorter sales cycles also in big-item complex sales.

Entrepreneurial experience:

Since the beginning of 2000, Henrik co-founded and incorporated the company Cellip together with a partner as a service provider in business development. The original idea was to apply for additional GSM licenses in a select number of countries which was pursued up until contact was made with the VC Brainheart whereafter his partner helped set up the Brainheart company Swefour AB, which applied for, and received the fourth Swedish GSM license in January 2002 and consecutively set up the GSM operator Spring Mobil.

From 2004, Henrik Rudberg and Per Hübinette revitalized Cellip as a VoIP Service Provider providing telecommunications services for small and medium businesses leading it to become a telecommunications operator in the top 2 position servicing the business segment with Voice over IP in Sweden all the way from scratch.
Today, Cellip also offers mobile services, Microsoft Lync services and became a Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Company as well as a DI-Gasell but under the umbrella of Infracom.

From 2008, Henrik Rudberg founded Sonician providing the Marketing Automation solution Otto® to Business-to-Business oriented enterprises all over the world, which was carried onto Cnvert in 2018.

Venture Capital Financing Experience:

At Hotsip, Henrik was early on involved with its first major round of financing and met with 37 individual Venture Capital firms and has since worked with a number of them.

Some Technical Specialties:

Marketing, Sales, Branding, Negotiation, Project Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, Article Marketing, Marketing planning, Market Research, HTML, Advertisement negotiation, Ad serving, Split Testing, Content Management Systems (CMS), Open Source Technology, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Windmill technology, Provisioning, Billing, GSM systems, IP-telephony, VoIP, general network & systems knowledge, Military Electronic Warfare.

Miscellaneous on languages:

Henrik is a multi-language speaker with English, Swedish, French due to studies in France and the United States and he masters what he calls "a fair bit of conversational Russian, German and Spanish".

Academic Background:

Henrik Rudberg holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg, ESCP in Paris and Arts et Métiers in Paris.